HMC 5043 3 1024x683 beaDs


PicsArt 1416795071928 576x1024 puke

bed of leaves

HMC 5023 1024x395 bed of leaves

Tehran in white

Picture 004 1024x766 Tehran in white


HMC 4859 2 1024x620 CareFreeee

In the moment of capturing this picture, I had no feeling but profound jealousy….

Valley of Lind

HMC 4736 4 1024x784 Valley of Lind

sofre khaneh

HMC 49561 1024x880 sofre khaneh


HMC 4969 1024x690 OLAGH

My awkward nostalgia….

Walk in the clouds

HMC 4900 2 1024x683 Walk in the clouds

My jaw dropped after trekking in this cloud filled road…

Rural Traffic

HMC 4873 1024x683 Rural Traffic

Compared to big cities, rural areas get their own share of traffic